PF member advises opposition not to ditch their parties

A member of the Patriotic Front has called on all political leaders to stand and defend the Zambian constitution on multi-partism in the country.

Mr Joseph Muzaza a stauch PF supporter advised all politicians to stop the behaviour of jumping from one party to another, saying this political conduct undermined the principle of strong multi-partism.

Mr Muzaza said all political parties must work to develop their parties and those who join the ruling party as ministers must not abandon their parties as their portfolio was that of offering development to the nation.

He said the nation needs to be developed as such this cannot be left to one political party hence the need for political parties to support the ruling party deliver development.

He told ZANIS in Mongu today that there was nothing wrong for the opposition to work with the PF government on development but should not abandon their political parties as this was detrimental to the Zambian multi-partism which Zambia adopted in 1990.

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