PF members feel betrayed by Lungu’s auctioning of the party to RB

Some senior PF members feel betrayed by Edgar Lungu’s auctioning of their party to the same late Michael Sata and PF labeled corrupt and even stripped him of his immunity.

And RB’s close allies such as Ambassador Joe Mwale says he feels used like a tissue by Rupiah Banda for having gone into marriage with the same PF he claimed has been persecuting him for three years.

Highly placed PF members revealed that the joining of Banda to the PF has totally embarrassed them and completely disarmed of campaign messages.

“Honestly, we would have loved the likes of RB, Dora Siliya joining say UPND or any other party because them we would have branded them as corrupt birds of same feathers. Can you imagine in 2011 we heavily branded RB and his sons, Dora and others as being corrupt? We even promised to recover the money they stole from the Zambian people from these alleged thieves. But now we are in the same boat with them. What can we tell our members now? Can’t you seen the likes of Kabwata PF MP Given Lubinda literally withdrawing from campaigns because he can’t stomach being on the same podium with Dora and Rupiah,” senior members have complained.

The PF members have revealed that they will withdraw from campaigns until Lungu tells them the new messages on how to tell the electorates about RB’s perceived bad image.

“Edgar Lungu is the justice minister and has just accepted financial assistance from an accused person whose ill-gotten funds have just been legitimized. What are we now going to tell the Zambian people as the reason for Sata and PF removing RB’s immunity? Are we now saying we should apologise to the Zambian people and RB for taking him to court over corruption? Are we really that desperate for PF to be sold to Nigerian Muslims by RB and Dora through Lungu?.” senior PF members wondered.

Sources also said all efforts to gain any votes from places such as Western province have been completely shut by Lungu’s alliance with RB because people there have not forgotten how RB killed their sons and daughters.

And some of Banda’s close friends such as Ambassador Joe Mwale says he felt cheated by RB’s treacherous behavior of joining the same PF party he claimed was persecuting him.

“Will the people be wrong to call him Judas Iscariot? Because he never told anybody about what he discussed with Edgar, even me, who was with him through during his tribulation, and I have been loyal to him. I stood by his side.

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