PF militia exposed

Ailing dictator Michael Sata has plans to use the party’s militia wing to attack critic journalists and any people within and outside the PF with divergent views about the ever increasing bad governance in the country.

A source has told the Watchdog in  an interview that the militia under the disguise of the youth league and election monitors has been set specifically to ‘identify and sort out’ people with opinion different from Sata and has presence countrywide.

The group is head officed in Matero under the chairmanship of PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba and Geoffrey Chuumbwe as vice while Commerce deputy minister Miles Sampa is in charge of logistics and finance with pradoned convict and Sata’s personal thug Judge Ngoma as mobilising secretary. Ngoma is deputised by Mandevu MP Jean Kapata.

The idea to have a militia was conceived prior to the 2011 elections so as to cause havoc should Sata lose elections, youths were trained and installed in polling stations as parallel voter tabulation (PVT) monitors.

After winning the elections the group was dormant but now that there are protests and strikes anticipated countrywide, it has restrategised with specific instructions to ‘identify and sort out critics’, among the targeted are journalists from independent media houses and civil society organisations. On the wanted list of reporters are scribes from the Watchdog, Muvi TV, Daily Nation, Daily Mail and some from Post and ZNBC.

The group also has blessings to ‘sort out’ its own MPs who fail or refuse to tow the party line, as evidenced in the ‘vote of no confidence’ passed on the two Kabwe MPS  Sydney Mushanga and James Kapyanga after a meeting held on Saturday 1st June at Pavillion in Kabwe.

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