PF minister confesses pushing cadres into government positions  

Sydney Mushanga

PF Central province minister Sydney Mushanga has confirmed that the PF has been pushing cadres into government positions, as rewards for having voted for the PF into office.

In a video accessed by the Watchdog from within Mushanga’s office the former altar boy (Kampenga) and now Bwacha constituency MP says he is not ashamed to disclose that there are some names of trained teachers that he has personally submitted as the ones who must be recruited.

Mushanga who calls himself as ‘President of Central Zambia’ criticised his own government for bringing people from outside Central province to be employed in government institutions as it has robbed his people.

There has been concern from various stakeholders of PF infiltration of the civil service with its cadres and to some extent some qualified and capable civil servants have been fired and replaced with the unqualified and inexperienced party cadres. The scourge is most rampant in local authorities, health, education security and defence ministries.

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