Finally PF minister confesses to impregnating woman outside wedlock

Finally PF minister confesses to impregnating woman outside wedlock

Labour deputy minister Rayford Mbulu has admitted having sex with a 38-year-old lady who is not his wife while attending a ZCTU meeting in Siavonga when he was president of the Mine Workers Union of Zambia (MUZ).

Mbulu confessed his sexual affair with Salome Mulenga who has accused him of impregnating her then infecting her with HIV and AIDS.

This is in a matter where Mbulu has sued the lady for using insulting language against him. It is alleged that on 14th May, Salome is alleged to have conducted herself in a manner meant to provoke Mbulu and breached public peace.

Taking the witness stand, Mbulu told a Lusaka magistrate court that he had sex with Salome on two occasions in 2009 and December 2011. He said his first sexual encounter with Salome was in Siavonga in 2009 when he had gone for a ZCTU training meeting while he was president of MUZ.

Mbulu said Salome had been accusing him of giving her a pregnancy and infecting her with HIV and AIDS and threatened his life. He said he is not HIV positive but said he has not undergone an HIV test.

He said in May last year, Salome stormed his office and insulted him then decided to sue her for using abusive language against him.

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