PF minister says a bloated civil service through new districts has created jobs

Western Province Minister, Josephine Limata, says the creation of nine districts has seen massive employment of people in the province as 100 public service workers have since been employed in Mwandi district alone.

Addressing civil servants at Mwandi Teachers’ Resource Center yesterday, Ms Limata urged all government workers to be loyal and support the government.

Ms Limata said she will not tolerate civil servants that would be championing issues of opposition political parties that they do not understand better.

She said all civil servants should embark on explaining developmental programmes that the Patriotic Front as a government is doing to alleviate poverty in Western province.

Ms Limata said all those government workers who want to join politics should resign so that they join her in the battle ground when time comes for campaigns in 2016.

She said people in the province should be appreciative of what government was doing to change its face in terms of development so that the notion that Western province was least developed would be the thing of the past.

Ms Limata said President Michael Sata is a listening leader who does not look at tribes because his government is a pro-poor one that wants to clean poverty in the province.

She has since called for unity among all the tribes across the province so that everyone felt the development being implemented by government, adding that PF was not a sleeping party as it is in a hurry to implement developmental programmes according to its party manifesto.

And speaking earlier, Mwandi District Commissioner, Chibi Akufuna, commended government through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit for providing 45.5 metric tonnes of relief maize in order to avert the looming hunger in the district.

Ms Akafuna also thanked the Barotse Royal Establishment of Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta for allocating 5×5 km piece of land for the establishment of the newly created Mwandi administrative centre.

Ms Limata is on the tour of duty inspecting government developmental projects in the province.

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