PF, MMD factions will split and contest polls separately-Dr Simutanyi

The Patriotic Front (PF) factions are scheduled to meet at Pamodzi Hotel Thursday 17 hours in a bid to reconcile as they run out of time to prepare for the January presidential elections.
But political scientist Dr Neo Simutanyi has observed that it was almost impossible for the two factions to reconcile.
Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili told ZNBC news that the court injunctions will delay the PF launching their campaigns and urged the factions to reconcile and move forward.
Kambwili said Acting President Guy Scott, PF faction leaders Edgar Lungu and Miles Sampa have confirmed that they will attend the meeting.
Catholic priests have also been invited to the meeting.
However a political analyst Dr Neo Simutanyi has pointed out that the wrangles in the ruling Patriotic Front and the MMD were irreconcilable adding that he foresees a situation where the factions will split and file in nominations as separate parties.
He said the remaining two weeks before candidates will file in nominations was enough for the factions to split and form their own political parties.
Simutanyi said the current wrangles cannot be resolved by the courts of law.

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