PF moves to bribe artistes

PF moves to bribe artistes

Tourism minister Ronald Chitotela is trying to bribe artistes. Others have already received kickbacks. We shall reveal their names after the meeting.

Chitotela, using some spineless artistes and chances convened a meeting ostensibly to hear artiste’s views.

Those in the meeting are Slap D, Macky2, Moses Sakala of Sakala Brother , Amayenge, Lawrence Thompson, Maureen Lilanda, Mulenga Kapwepwe, Boyd Kaimbi, Bana Mumbi, Henry BJ Phiri, Ambassador Mumba Kapumpa and other leaders of National Arts council (NAC), National Association of Media Arts (NAMA), National theatre Arts Association of Zambia (NATAAZ), COAZ, Film makers guild.

The PF regime is trying to stop artists from speaking out against corruption, Chinese racism and abuse unemployment and many other ills in government.

By meeting artistes and chancers like Mumba Kapumpa, government is trying to convince the artistes that they should only speak about issues that affect their industry but not national matters.

In the past few days, a good number of artistes have condemned government for its inherent corruption, tribalism and for putting Chinese interests above the interest of Zambia.

The government has therefore moved to stop artists from further commenting on national matters.

The PF will force artistes not to speak publicly but to complain secretly and privately to the so called leaders.

It remains to be seen how many artistes will agree to shut up in exchange for dirty money and say nothing about corruption and Chinese dominion in Zambia.

The government believes that public figures and celebrities should not issue statements on national issues but should privately speak to government officials. This is how dictators operate. They operate in darkness, away from public scrutiny.

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