PF moves to cripple ActionAid

PF moves to cripple ActionAid

MISA Zambia Chairperson Hellen Mwale whose contract was not renewed at Action Aid Zambia as information officer has embarked on a smear campaign to scandalise her former employers by concocting fake stories currently running on PF social media platforms.
Mwale, a know PF stooge, had her contract terminated in February this year for incompetence.
However bitter about the non renewal of her contract as information officer, Mwale, a former reporter at the PF Daily Nation, has been fabricating fake stories about looting of aid money at the Charity.
“No audit has been done at Action Aid Zambia, there is currently a routine statutory audit that is being done.

The auditors, Deloitte & Touche only concluded the audit scoping on Friday last week and they are yet to start the audit.

The SIDA fund which, PF alleges to have been stolen was only disbursed in March to other CSOs.

– the Board Chairperson Aretha Mwale has not resigned as alleged

But we are aware that Hellen is trying hard to be relevant to the PF and working with some board members she is fighting the Country Director,” revealed an insider.
Action Aid Zambia, a part of the global federation of Action Aid International is seen as a critical organisation against the ruling party.
Excited about the misinformation the Patriotic Front (PF) have spread the fake news to try and destroy the reputation of the critical Civil Society organisation .
Action Aid under Nalucha Ziba has been critical against the PF corruption and poor governance.
“They (PF) have actually been try hard to get ride of Nalucha to the extent that the board through another cadre (Aretha Mwale) who was the board Chair even refused to renew Nalucha’s contract in March this year. It had to take the international federation to keep Nalucha in the job” revealed the source.
The PF machinery is try hard to destroy everything and everybody who stands in their way for 2021.

Under Mwale’s lack of leadership, MISA Zambia has become irrelevant with only a few PF cadres as members.

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