PF MP condemns Lungu’s mediocrity

PF MP condemns Lungu’s mediocrity

Tutwa Ngulube the PF Member of parliament for
Kabwe central has blasted his party and accused it of gross negligence incompetence and a complete
disaster for failing his constituents who they promised good policies once voted into power.
Mr Ngulube who was speaking on ‘Prime TV’ this
morning accused the PF of failing to live to their
promises to resuscitate Mulungushi Textiles and
rejuvenate agriculture, two areas that form the core of Kabwe’s business activities.

He condemned the PF on their intentions to demolish homes and also unilaterally grab huge tracts of farm land from peasant farmers with a view to create multi facility ‘economic zones’ that will only benefit the ruling elite whilst displacing poor people that have lived there since independence.

The PF law maker challenged the PF to send their
Police to arrest him for telling the truth on their failure to deliver agriculture inputs and the disastrous E -Voucher system stating that the PF must start making plans to give relief food in Kabwe.

Tutwa Ngulube is the man who validated Edgar
Lungu’s election as PF Party President at the Party’s tumultuous and violence ridden convention in 2015 at Mulungushi in Kabwe.

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