PF MPs agree to increase their salaries

PF MPs agree to increase their salaries

While many Zambians are suffering because of poor management of the economy, PF members of Parliament last night agreed to increase their salaries. In a debate that was not broadcasted on Parliament Radio, the PF Members of Parliament agreed to increase their salaries and allowances by 40 per cent. According a source, the proposal was raised by PF Kasama Member of Parliament Kelvin Sampa.” Yes Sampa raised the motion and the speaker put it to debate.

One or two Cabinet Ministers pretended to oppose it but the ‘majority’ supported it. Even the Speaker seemed to support the motion.

‘You know procedure demands that parliament does not debate itself so parliament radio did not broadcast the debate,’ the source said.

The sourced said it was embarrassing because members of the public will now believe that is why speaker suspended UPND MPs.

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