PF MPs panic, vow to walk out of parley next Tuesday

PF Members of Parliament including ceremonial Vice President Guy Scott were by 21 hours Thursday locked in a caucus meeting at parliament buildings to strategize how to handle deliberations for Tuesday next week.
Speaker Patrick Matibini ruled earlier that the ruling party and opposition should reach common ground over the road map on enactment of the constitution.
A source within the people in the meeting in the cafeteria revealed that Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili broke protocol and took over the chairmanship of the meeting. He vowed that he would never allow any debate on the constitution on Tuesday and if the speaker will allow it, PF MPs will out of parliament.
“We are in the Cafeteria just now for a caucus meeting. We are under pressure. The Speaker has ruled that we should reach common ground on Tuesday. Kambwili is shouting now. He says we shouldn’t allow any talk over the constitution. There’s anarchy here. We always have such meetings at State House but today we are in the restaurant here at parliament” the source said.

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