PF MPs senior officials accuse Kambwili, Kaingu of making PF unpopular

PF MPs senior officials accuse Kambwili, Kaingu of making PF  unpopular


A PF Watsapp Group called 100% EDGAR LUNGU AND PF has called on President Lungu to immediately fire Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili and his counterpart Higher Education Minister Hon Micheal Kaingu for making the party unpopular due to their outburst. The 100% EDGAR LUNGU and PF is the most respected PF watts app Group as its members include 12 PF Members of Parliament, 24 PF high ranking party officials ad more than 100 other youth leaders from across the country. It was created by the bearer of +0978781936 on 9th March 2016 around 23 hours.

Mr Kambwili is being punished for being careless with his utterances when he said that .PF risked losing the forth coming elections to the UPND for it was cheating the marketeers.
On his part, the Members of Parliament blame Mr Kaingu of reducing the popularity of the party by denying UNZA and CBU students meal allowances.
Due to doubting Thomas spirits in some of our readers, we have decided to publish the WATS app conversation and all are free to prove by calling the published numbers.

Remember; Some of these phone numbers belong to PF Members of Parliament and senior PF officials and state house aides (see attached screenshot for some of the names on the group)
+260977 772116 = Post Chishimba Kambwili’s recorded conversation.
+260977 236327 = They (Kambwili and Kaingu) have nothing good to tell the people, they are just full of wickedness.
+260979 465268 = You are correct…… Hon Kambwili lost it there…
+260971 701447 = If he (kambwili) is becoming a liability to the party (PF), then we are better off without him.
+260979465268 = That was careless talk and I think some people are full of pretence…just to secure jobs.
+260971701447 = Kaingu and Kambwili, I don’t like the way the (they) conduct themselves. they are a serious liability to the party.
They are careless in their utterances.
I really question their loyalty (to the party).
+260977772116 = Its true this kind of talk (Kambwili’s secretly recorded conversation with Mr Kabwe) though frank, can cost us these elections.
+260979465268 = Exactly, those (Kambwili and Kaingu) only cares about their stomach, and Kambwili was busy refuting the claim and condemning the Post (Newspaper).
+260971701447 = It sends a very wrong message to the electorates and as such is capable of costing us an election. Right now we are at great difficulties o explaining the high mealie meal prices , fuel shortage, meal allowances and continued load shedding amid considerable rainfall and a Senior Member (Kambwili) goes and make such a statement. i whose interest was he making that statement?

+260971701447 = If they (Kambwili and Kaingu) continue with their outburst me and my brother Harry (Kalaba) will match naked to State House demanding for their Removal (Kambwili and Kaingu) from government.
+20977772116 = Its true my brother, that a very good idea (Marching naked to State House against Hon Kambwili and Hon Kaingu). we dont need internal enemies.
Come to think of it. what Kambwili said (in the recording) was truethough it leaked. If we (PF) continue promising loans to marketeers and we dont fufil the promise, it will cost us (elections) because the opposition will use that against us. Let us walk the talk, over promise and under deliver is bad for us.

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