PF musicians funded using public funds

PF musicians funded using public funds


Dear Editor,

Did you know that many of the PF Musicians are being paid using taxpayers money stolen through government contracts, including with the Ministry of Health.

Whilst Zambians were dying from Covid-19 in Zambian hospitals, the PF Government, colluding with the Ministry of Health, was issuing multiple contracts to Nsochita General Contractors worth K65m, owned by Bwalya Kalandanya, who is the owner of Kalandanya Music Promotions.

Kalandanya Music Promotions is the promoter of the majority of the PF artists including Macky 2, Yo Maps, Mampi, Slap Dee, JK, Dandy Krazy, amongst others, as you can see in the matrix.

The contracts issued to Nsochita were grossly inflated so as to provide funding that can be channeled towards these musicians. The total potential loss for just 3 of the contracts was K49m. Therefore the blood of innocent Zambians is on their hands.

If the PF Musicians who are under Kalandanya Music Promotions are innocent, let them immediately disassociate themselves from this scandal by publicly announcing their withdrawal from this label and offering services to the PF. If not, the public will know that they too have blood on their hands by benefitting from corrupt contracts that have cost the lives of innocent Zambians.

1. (Contract No. MOH/SP/COVID-19/002/20) – K34.5m

30 Apr 20 – 1.5m surgical masks (K19.5m) and 200,000 N-95 masks (K15m)

KN-95 Masks Delivered instead of N95. These are Chinese standards and often of lower efficacy. They cost less than half of N95, i.e. KN95 can cost between K10 – K20 whilst N95 are K50 +.
Surgical masks cost K1 max each but they charged K13.

2. (Contract No. MOH/SP/COVID-19/002/20-24) – K20.75m

7 April 2020 MoH directly reached out to Nsochita for a quotation. This was a direct bidding method that should only be used in an emergency. Basis was continuity
Ventilator Synovent E5 Adult costs INR 900,000 (ZMW 240,000) but charged K460,000 per unit
However, the order was amended from contract on 10 July 21 to Sepray OH-70C HFNC Ventilators. These are non-invasive and much cheaper. These cost $2,500 (K50,000) for just the ventilator and about $5,000 (K100,000) with the trolley and all accessories. Amended requirement only suggests a ventilator.
MoH were charged between K330,000 – 370,000 each, therefore many multiples more.
Only 50 were delivered instead of 60.

3. (Contract No. MOH/SP/COVID-19/002/20-04) – K9.34m

26 Mar 20 – Various specialist equipment
MoH Overpaid by K1.6m and K0.8m (goods not delivered). In addition the items in the contract were overpriced by many multiples.

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