PF, Mutati’s MMD differ, MMD to field own candidates

PF, Mutati’s MMD differ, MMD to field own candidates


The PF and MMD faction of Felix Mutati have bitterly differed over adoptions of candidates. The PF and Mutati’s MMD faction have a pact whereby it was agreed that Mutati’s MMD will field candidates’ constituencies where they are popular.

But the PF has left out most serving MMD MPs and many other MMD candidates, replacing them with their own candidates. This is despite MMD candidates winning at grassroots level. In retaliation, the MMD candidates have resolved to field their own candidate on the MMD ticket.

“The MMD is fielding candidates in Eastern and Lusaka provinces where their members were not picked,’ a source close to the confusion told the Watchdog.

The source said the MMD has given the PF up to midnight to rescind the decision of backstabbing the MMD otherwise they will go their on way.

The confusion is not limited to MMD members; some PF members that have not been adopted such as Gideon Zulu of Kasenengwa have decided to stand on MMD ticket.

Felix Mutati himself is not contesting even at local government level as he has been cheated that he will be the joint candidate for PF and MMD in 2022.

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