PF national Dialogue Forum a shame

My name is Nelson Musonda from Ndola.
I want to strongly express my displeasure over the ongoing National Dialogue Forum. It is indeed sad that, in the first place, such an important national process could be rushed and handled the way it was. For me I think any issue to do with the constitution is superior to any other issue, where governance in a democratic state is concerned. And therefore, handling it in the way they have done leaves much to be desired. Do you know that people on the street do not even know that their constitution is being refined. It’s a shame!
Therefore, as a concerned Zambian citizen, I am expressing sadness that my voice has being muted, because in this process I have not added my voice. So this process is anti-democracy. It is only benefiting few individuals in lusaka. People everywhere are not aware. How can you amend my constitution without my awareness and my voice? I can only describe it as a sham, a scum.
Please! please! please! I am zambian! Listen to my cry!

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