PF NEC blaming Mmembe, Nchito for loss of popularity

PF NEC blaming Mmembe, Nchito for loss of popularity

One of Mmembe’s latest trucks

Senior PF members and financiers have blamed the sudden loss of popularity by the party on the uncontrollable influence on the president by Post Newspaper owner, Fred Mmembe, and DPP, Mutembo Nchito.

Highly placed sources have told the Watchdog that the senior leaders last week told President Michael Sata and questioned him whether he owed them (Mmembe and Nchito) anything or they are privy to any damaging, or embarrassing information about him so that they could help him, to which the president replied in the negative.

The sources disclosed that they feared for president Sata who they said was being held hostage by these people who are fond of using him to unleash security wings on anybody they hated.

The sources said they advised the president to remember that Zambia was bigger than the two individuals.

Sources also disclosed that Fred Mmembe has already gotten a lion’s share of contracts from both government and private institutions that have been directed by President Sata to give him contracts.

The sources gave an example of KCM mining company that has given Mmembe a huge contract to haul copper from Chingola to Walvis Bay in Namibia using the newly acquired trucks obtained using presidential directives.

The PF sources who gave the Watchdog the picture of one of Mmembe’s more than 100 newly acquired Volvo trucks (in the picture is a latest ALF 8171T Post Courier trailer) said they were worried that the party and the president has been high-jacked by a few selfish individuals at the expense of fulfilling promises to the people which was the party’Goodall..

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