PF NGO says opposition can’t rule

A PF NGO called Speech for Growth says the opposition will not be able to govern the country if they win the January 20th 2015, by elections.

The NGO, whose objectives are unclear but known for supporting PF is run by Wallace Kalungu and John Mutekenya.

The two men are quoted on Radio Phoenix almost everyday supporting the outgoing ruling party.

Today, the same two men were on radio phoenix endorsed Edgar Lungu and saying the opposition should be voted into power.

In reference to UPND, Mutekenya said the opposition does not have enough MPs to govern the country if voted into power. He added that the current national budget was presented by the PF so no other party can implement it.

But this reasoning is warped. National budgets form a continuum such that even when there is change of government, there is also an ongoing budget and the incoming government assumes it but with different methods of course. It does not mean that in the year of elections, the current government should not present a budget. Budgets are not for particular parties.

On the opposition having less MPs, this is also neither here nor there.

Late PF president Michael Sata and Levy Mwanwasa before him appointed MPs from the opposition. And the new president can do so if he desires.

In case of the UPND, they have enough MPs to form cabinet and like their leader Hakainde Hichilema said, there are 8 more MPs he would be entitled to nominate and make them ministers.

Moreover, MP such as Felix Mutati and Mucheleka are working with HH so the issue of credible ministers should not even arise.

The problem, as we see it is that MPs such as Panji Kaunda, Alexander Chikwanda and others will lose their ‘seats’ once a new president takes over. This, we think is the main worry of people like Wallace Kalungu and John Mutekenya who are paid to campaign against the opposition.

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