PF not sorry about murdered Unza student – Miti

PF not sorry about murdered Unza student – Miti

Vespers – Is Anyone Sorry?

No one in authority has expressed unqualifed regret over Vespers Shimunzhila’s killing by the Police, in her university room. The university management, clearly more concerned about staying on the right side of politicians, completely remove the police from the scene of her death. The Vice Chancellor just saying a student suffocated – like she accidentally smothered herself with a pillow while sleeping.

All PF voices, from the media-head to the SG, cannot bring themselves to say police throwing teargas into student rooms is criminal and murderous – I guess because the police would be expected to do the same again.

Very unfortunately, the PF leaders completely disrespect Vespers and her grieving family by making her death another platform for their ongoing battles with HH.

Just this once, with a girl who surely was the hope of her family, gone, could we not hear one sober statement from power holders that did not display our mindless politics? As for the police themselves, they suggest fires self-started in student rooms. In short, no one thought it appropriate to take a moment away from self-serving politics and protection of jobs to give Vespers’ death just a little soberness. Even a pretence at introspection that could lead to prevention of a repeat this teagedy.

But then, who was Vespers that any powerful person should lose sleep over her death? That’s for her family and friends. To them, we can only say may you find comfort and healing – somehow.

Laura Miti.

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