PF now abducting opposition councillors before paying them to join PF

The ruling PF regime has started abducting councillors from the opposition strongholds and forcing them to resign, defect to PF and create by-elections.

One of the UPND councillors who were among five that were duped from Mwinilunga Constituency in North-western province narrated that PF’s Mwinilunga constituency chairman told him that ailing president Michael Sata wanted him together with his other colleagues in Lusaka to discuss developmental projects in their areas.

“So we started off from Mwinilunga but when we reached Solwezi, three of my friends smelled something fish and said they were going back because there was no way the ailing president Sata could call them without the knowledge of the area Member of Parliament and other party leadership. But I continued until we reached Lusaka and we were accommodated at Blue Nile Lodge near the UN complex in Mass Media. They grabbed our phones and to our surprise I found other councillors from Southern, Eastern, and Western province. Later PF Secretary General Edgar Lungu came to address us saying we were welcome to the PF and that each one would be given a K15,000 as they go and re contest their seats under the PF. That’s how I called my area UPND MP Katuka to complain about the whole issue. He then took me to Parliament Motel where I spent a night”, the Councillor complained.

And Mwinilunga UPND MP Katuka complained to Edgar Lungu about the underhand methods he has started engaging himself in.

“I told him I thought he was different from Wynter Kabimba but he was now also involving himself in evil schemes just like or even worse that Kabimba that the whole nation complained about. I told Lungu to behave himself and practice civilised politics away from what Kabimba the PF complained about was doing. It seems it is the entire PF that is totally rotten and Lungu is now also falling into the same trap of Kabimba. We wonder why they complained about Kabimba’s dirty politics when Lungu is now involved in abducting elected Councillors and bring them all the way to Lusaka and force them to join PF at a fee of K15,000 each,” Katuka said.

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