PF now to increase water tariffs, but no salaries increase

A number of water utility companies in Zambia have applied to NWASCO approval in upward water tariff adjustments for their consumers.

So far the pro-poor PF (People’s fault) government has increased fuel, mealie meal prices, electricity and now Zambians will have to pay more for water as well.

But the same PF government has imposed an employment and wage freeze for two years, meaning no salary increments.

The National Water Supply and Sanitation Council (NWASCO) Director Kelvin Chibambo did not however disclose the proposed water tariff increments by the water utility companies.

The water tariff increase is due to the continued ‘sickness’ and now worthless Zambian Kwacha because water utility companies also use a lot of imported chemicals for water treatment.

The increase in fuel prices and electricity tariffs by ZESCO has also forced water utility companies to inflict more pain on the already burdened Zambians families under the PF government.

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