PF official confesses to attacking worshipers

A Patriotic Front official has confessed on Zambia’s largest private Television Station the Muvi TV of being one of the people who beat up people from the Civil Society Organisations who late last year convened at the BIGOCA Church in Matero to protest against removal of fuel and Maize subsidy.
Mr.Heita Bwalya the Matero constituency youth chairman has told Muvi television live on Camera that he was sent to assault people at church by Matero PF councilor a Mr. Pio.
Mr. Bwalya who claims he has decided to spill the beans because of councilor’s continued appetite for violence says Pio was also behind the chaos that was witnessed at the Buseko Market.
Heita Bwalya who was dressed in a military fatique similar to that worn by Zambian Commandos has since given an ultimatum to Police to arrest councilor Pio failure to which he will take the law in his own hands. However our investigations reveal that Bwalya is also a very violent person and is currently appearing in the Lusaka Magistrate Court for Arson and Malicious damage to property. He is alleged to have destroyed property for Buseko market timber dealers cooperative society. He is being represented in court by President Sata’s part time legal advisor Anthony Kasolo of MSK Chambers. Kasolo is also a member of the PF central committee.
In a normal country were police use brains to think, Bwalya could have already been arrested for confessing to assault.

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