PF official confirms Kambwili, Lungu differences

A senior PF insider has confirmed that there is a serious battle between PF presidential candidate Edgar Lungu and his minister of information Chishimba Kambwili arising from adoptions and the recent party elections.

The source says that Kambwili has since formed a parallel PF central committee with Joe Malanji as his right hand man while there is another team of Mumbi Phiri opposed to Kambwili but using Lungu as a shield.

“Ba Kambwili knows PF very well because he is one of the founding members still loyal and it was just in order that President Lungu pays close attention to his views but Lungu has gone to bed with rebels like Siliya, Shakafuswa and other RB chaps who are enjoying the PF sweat,” he said.

He adds that the majority of real PF members are in support of Kambwili taking over PF after their pending defeat. In a recent central committee meeting at state house, Kambwili is said to have offended Lungu when he openly suggested that PF must look at a survival plan after a possible defeat and that he criticised the violence being orchestrated by Lungu’s lieutenants.

“Ba Kambwili is aggressive in speech just like ba Sata but he is not violent, he is indeed a peaceful man and that’s why you would see that his constituency has no violence and most PF functions where there is violence, he is not there. This is the PF spirit ba Sata inculcated in us but Lungu has thrown it away,” he said.

Lungu has written a letter accusing Kambwili of insubordination.

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