PF official says another party will defeat PF

Eastern province PF chairman and former minister in MMD era Lameck Mangani has said another party will form government if PF fails to perform.

Speaking during a party mobilization meeting in Chipata, Mangani said people were anxious to see development and did not want to vote for parties already tested with power like MMD. He said he decided to quit his ministerial position at that time because MMD had lost track and was becoming unpopular.

Mangani lost his Chipata central seat to the MMD candidate in 2011 but petitioned the results, in 2013 once again he lost the seat and openly wept.

Currently there are pending by elections in the Eastern province resulting from PF petitions and the PF is determined to unscrupulously win the seats formerly held by MMD parliamentarians

Recently Managani praised UPND MPs from Southern province whom he described as having quality debating skills in parliament and that had necessitated development in their constituencies.

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