PF official thugs fight for positions

PF official thugs fight for positions

PF thugs Thursday night almost lynched their deputy campaign manager Frank Bwalya at Lusaka International airport as they were waiting for illegal President Edgar Lungu to leave for New York in in a private chartered jet.

In their continued power struggles, the PF thugs hired by Emmanuel Mwamba were not happy with the appointment of Frank Bwalya as Sate House PS as they thought the position should be given to Mwamba.

Initially Mwamba worked so hard to rig elections for Lungu thinking he would be rewarded the ministerial position as a nominated MP.

When he missed the appointment as a nominated minister Mwamba then hired thugs to attack Frank Bwalya in presence of the illegal President Edgar Lungu.

But even Frank Bwalya himself is not fully satisfied with the civil service appointment as that will further reduce his presidential ambitions as the former ABZ was hoping to takeover from Lungu but now as civil servants he will not even be appearing on Radio stations to campaign.

The other very disappointed person is said to be another crook Kelvin Bwalya Fube who went out of his way bribing judges hoping he would be nominated as Justice Minister or even be appointed as PF Secretary General but nothing has come through so far.

But of course what the PF don’t know is that former President Rupiah Banda is right at the center of all these appointments and is favouring the MMD team.

Even Lungu’s escort girl Mumbi Phiri has so far been ignored, but she can still hope for diplomatic posting though she was a disaster last time under Michael Sata.

Miles Sampa, the UDF leader was also cheated of a full ministerial appointment once he rejoined the PF, so far he been used to only disclose the plans for the UPND leadership going forward and possibly frame them with treasonable offences.

Lungu will still find jobs for most of these suckers as permanent secretaries they reflect the low quality of his leadership.

Just watch the fight that will ensue at state house between Frank Bwalya and others like Kaizer Zulu, Amos Chanda. Frank Bwalya is not a good person and can not work with anyone. Just watch.

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