PF officially expels KBF, admits GBM as cadre

PF officially expels KBF, admits GBM as cadre

*PF officially expels KBF, admits GBM as mere cadre
* Says is aware of ‘challenges’ in economy

Monday, 3rd June 2019



Members of the PF Central Committee Present
The Leadership of PF Structures,
Members of the Party
Members of the Press,
Ladies and gentlemen,


Yesterday, 2nd June 2019, Central Committee met and chaired by His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and attended by the Republican and Party Vice President Mrs. Inonge Mutukwa Wina.
Central Committee had previously adjourned after its sitting on 26th May 2019. The following decisions were made:


Let me also announce that the Party President Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu has made the following ratified appointments and changes to Central Committee:

A. Hon Michael Katambo has been appointed as Member of the Central Committee with immediate effect

B. Hon Richard Musukwa MCC becomes Chairperson for Mobilization

C. Hon Charles Banda MCC becomes Chairperson Mines and Mineral Development


Central Committee reaffirmed to uphold discipline and unity of the Party at all levels. On this score, the Party resolved that discipline and unity of the Party is paramount to the Party’s growth and vision, as such all leaders are expected to lead by example. In enforcing discipline and unity by the Party, there shall be no sacred cows. A Party without unity of purpose and discipline cannot outlive itself. The current leadership of the Party is resolved in building a disciplined movement as a vehicle for development and creating a better life for all our people.


The Central Committee resolved to bring social media abuse to an end. I wish to state here that the era of social media abuse in the Party is over. Let me make it clear that the Party promotes the healthy usage of social media and will do all it can to ensure that our members do not become victims or perpetrators of social media abuse. We have a duty to ensure that Social media reinforces our vision, ideals and unity as a Party. The Party takes great exception to an emerging tendency were people want to believe they can take to social media to insult, defame and bully those they do not agree with. This cannot be said to be the exercising of one’s freedom of expression. It is an abuse of the freedom of expression and goes against the intra-party democracy we seek to build and promote.

On this score, let me announce that Central Committee resolved to promote and enhance the proper use of social media in ways that reinforce the ideals such as unity, tolerance, civility, of PF.

Let me announce that perpetrators of social media abuse in the Party and at whatever levels will face the axe with immediate effect. This is a serious resolve by the Party to curb social media. To this effect, the Party is putting in place a social media monitoring system team to track any abuse of social media. Those found to abuse social media and sowing seeds of discord will not be tolerated in the Party.

The Party is directing all Provincial Chairpersons across the Country to get in touch with the Party Secretariat to facilitate the creation of Provincial and District Social Media blogs which must be registered with the Party and names of administrators submitted to the Party Secretariat.

Further, members will be expected to subscribe or join these platforms on voluntary basis. Those who wish to have their blogs must not use the Party’s name, acronym or symbol. Further, in cases of abuse, liability must extend to administrators of these blogs. Central Committee heard that members of the Party including senior party officials are added to these blogs without their consent, others are even made administrators without consent.


Central Committee resolved that to take punitive actions against members campaigning in Constituencies which have sitting PF MPs. The measure is aimed at ensuring that sitting MPs are given the space to deliver without any obstacles whatsoever.

Members of the Party are therefore expected to manage their ambitions because failure to do so will attract disciplinary measures and being blacklisted by the Party. I am therefore directing all those members going into Constituencies where we have PF MPs to stop with immediate effect. All members of Parliament are encouraged to report any such individuals to the Party Secretariat and we will not hesitate to take action.

Further, let me call on all members of parliament to be on the ground. The Party will also not tolerate absentee MPs and in this regard, the Party is going to track our MPs performance in their respective constituencies and those found wanting will be summoned by the Party.


Central Committee resolved to re-admit former UPND Vice President Comrade Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and Comrade Eric Chanda into the Party as ordinary members.

Patriotic Front is the people’s movement and all those who had left but would want to come back can still do so following the Party’s laid down procedures.

On this score, let me emphasize to all new and old members that the Party expects nothing but loyalty to the Party, its leadership, vision and ideals.


Central Committee received reports and recommendations for the expulsion of Mr. Julius Komaki and Mr. Kelvin Fube Bwalya. Central Committee unanimously resolved to expel from the Party with immediate effect the duo for gross indiscipline and uttering statements aimed at creating disunity and confusion in the Party.

Let me mention here that the duo essentially expelled themselves when they started pushing for disunity and anarchy in the Party because there is no progressive political movement that allows laws of the jungle to take centre stage.

This must serve as a warning to members of the Party that in asserting your freedoms as a member, do not drag the party’s name into disrepute. We shall enforce discipline in the Party and there shall be no sacred cows.

The two colleagues must therefore be removed from all platforms associated with the Patriotic Front with immediate effect.


Central Committee received a report from the Party’s Finance Committee on the State of the Economy. The report was extensively deliberated and at an opportune time, I will be directing the Finance Committee to publish the Report in print media.
Suffice to say the Party is aware of the challenges in the economy and fully supports government’s announced austerity measures. The Party is fully aware of the challenges facing our people and would want to assure that we are standing together in building a strong and resilient economy especially against external shocks.

Central Committee also heard of the energy challenges following last season’s erratic rainfall pattern. We are aware that some of our Opposition colleagues will want to politicize an act of nature such as the drought we recently experienced as a country.

Patriotic Front is therefore calling on all members of the public to do what they can to conserve energy. As part of our manifesto 2016-2021, Patriotic Front in Government continues to prioritize investment in other sources of energy such as solar and thermal. Diversifying energy sources from hydro to other forms is in the best interest of Zambia because climate change is real.


Central Committee received a report on the outcomes of the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) by the Party’s legal Committee. The report was deliberated upon and Central Committee resolved to hold a special session to further discuss resolutions and bills arising from the NDF in order to give the Party’s position.

Let me state that the Patriotic Front remains committed to listen to the people on all resolutions of the NDF and shall appear before the Parliamentary Committee once the process starts.

In the meantime, the Party is calling on all its members and members of the public to study all the resolutions of the NDF to ensure they understand what is contained therein.


Central Committee received and discussed election reports for Bahati, Roan, Sesheke and Kafue by-elections. The discussions were honest, candid and open. Arising from the reports by the Elections Committee, Central Committee has since directed for heightened Party mobilization under the new Chairman for Mobilization MCC Richard Musukwa.

Rebuilding and energizing structures for mobilization especially in areas where we did not perform well starts now. The Mobilization committee Chairperson has been directed to immediately present an action plan for discussion and implementation in the shortest possible time.


We pay glowing tribute to the president of our Party, who is also Head of State – His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for his leadership as continues to work at laying strong foundations for a better Zambia.

Thank you!

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