PF officials found with premarked votes in Kafue

PF officials found with premarked votes in Kafue

Breaking News. PF cadres headed by Japhen Mwakalombe Provincial Minister for Copperbelt have been found with Premarked Ballot papers in Kafue.

Mwakalombe is using a fake ID labelled Joshua Simumba issued by ECZ and posing as one of the electoral officials.

Meanwhile, UPND’s Obvious Mwaliteta has been arrested from Kafue and detained at Lusaka central police.

The PF plan to rig elections in Kafue tonight and people like Mwaliteta have to beg removed first.

The plan is to intimidate and beat up UPND officials and chase them from counting centers which will then be populated by PF thugs imported from Lusaka.
In the operation, the police will be working with PF cadres .

A senior ranking police officer in Lusaka Province. Yobe Luhana is coordinating the project to remove all UPND officials. Officer Luhana is in direct contact with State House.

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