PF officials in Chilanga fight Moono over bribe money from Lungu

Patriotic Front Senior Officials in Chilanga District have threatened to defect to the UPND if former UPND chair for security Moono doesn’t share with them the K2,500,000 he received from President Lungu this week.

According to sources, there was drama at Rock Garden in Lusaka West yesterday after old PF members came to discover that the Moono was given a lot of money (ten times the money given to Richard Kapita when ditched the UPND last year) to ditch the UPND to join the ruling PF on Today. Kapita was only given K250,000 last year as a bribe to join the PF, the money he has since exhausted on women while this week received K2,500,000 as a bribe to ditch the UPND.

According to eye witnesses, the PF officials led by Chilanga District Chairperson Mr Sunge, Mobolisation Chairman Mr Lungu, Constituency Chairperson Mr Malauni and others like Mr Chiti and Webster Lungu called for an emergency meeting with all the ward officials in Chilanga. The meeting was held to discuss why the PF and President Lungu had decided to give the whole colossal sums of money (K2,500,000) to one person (Moono). So they called Moono and asked him how they were going to share that huge amount of money in Chilanga District. But unfortunate, everyone was disappointed with Moono’s response as he only told them to go and see Lungu if they wanted some money to use claiming that the whole K2,500,000 belonged to him since he has done a lot of life threatening services to President Lungu as he has revealed very sensitive information concerning the UPND and HH.

“The money which I was given by President Lungu was not meant for the party but this is my personal money for rendering him a service. As you all know I have sacrificed my own soul to PF of which my life is now at risk following the true revelation that I have defected to PF”, said Captain Moono.

“Its not a secrete that you all know that I was holding a very important position in UPND as I was the security chief for the president (UPND -HH). So part of the money I was given will be used to pay the security men that I am going to employ to guard me as I am very much at risk”, said Moono.

And following Captain Moono’s response, PF Chilanga District Party Mobilization chairperson Mr Lungu, phoned PF Secretary General Mr Davis Chama who happens to be his former school mate concerning the use of the huge amount of money which the Captain was reported to have received from the Head of State. In response, Davis Chama admitted being told about the money issue by President Lungu but that he equally did no know the intended use of that money as it was too colossal to be given to one person. But the PF secretary general was quick to mention that the money which Captain Moono received from President Lungu was not party money but money from well wishers which is not subject to PF audit.

“There is total confusion in Chilanga PF camp as old members are annoyed with President Lungu for giving Captain Moono a very expensive vehicle and huge amount of money for ditching the UPND something which has never been done to loyal and old PF members in the district”, said a reliable source.

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