PF officials question Lungu’s association with RB, say it is an insult to Sata

Some senior PF officials are planning to petition president Edgar Lungu over his decision to sideline them in preference to the MMD’s Rupiah Banda team.

According to a meeting held at Blue Nile Lodge along Alick Nkhata Avenue, the named senior party officials are now getting worried that the identity of the PF party as built and left by late president Michael Sata is completely changing and rubbished by Lungu.

“It is an insult for Edgar for example to keep saying Zambia’s international image in the last three years of the PF was tainted. What message is he portraying about the late president Sata under whose platform he stood and got votes? Edgar was campaigning cheating people that he was a good student of late president Sata. But now that he has won elections, he is embracing Rupiah Banda and his sons, and other people that Sata distanced himself from,” said one senior PF official.

The officials also feel completely sidelined on the appointment of cabinet ministers by Lungu and claimed all the appointments so far and those to come are the ones recommended and approved by Rupiah Banda.

“It is taking Lungu almost one month for him to assemble a team yet we worked with him closely. Does it mean we are now second or even third class citizens who he doesn’t trust? And even if he appoints any of us today, we know where his loyalty is and the people he favours. We know this will not change in the remaining one year of the PF term. If he can leave us like this, it means we are not guaranteed of adoptions in the next elections. Even if he appoints us, we shall just go there and eat because we now know we are not his favourite”, the officials complained.

The officials said it would have been better for Lungu to first appoint the entire cabinet and then go gallivanting if he so wished so that government operations were not affected by lack of ministers.

“Now he will appoint cabinet, but by the time these people settle down, it will be almost 6 months and by the time they start implementing government projects and programme to full capacity, it will be campaigning period,” they observed.

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