PF officials sorrounded Cosmo condemns elder brother Nevers Mumba

National Revolution Party president Cosmo Mumba has  lashed out at MMD aspiring presidential candidate Nevers Mumba for insinuating that the new constitution will revert Zambia to a secular state that will legalise homosexuality as an acceptable sexual orientation.

Cosmo who is the younger brother of the former ambassador to Canada said Republican President Michael Sata has pledged to govern the country based on the ten commandments of the Holy Bible, adding that Nevers Mumba’s allegations were thus unfortunate.

“We hereby advise Dr. Mumba to carefully scrutinize his facts in order to prevent his many errors of judgment he has seriously exhibited in the three short months he has been out of his job as High Commissioner in Canada,” Dr. Mumba said.

ZANIS reports that Cosmo Mumba  was speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka today that was attended by ruling Patriotic Front (PF) officials.

Cosmo Mumba said his confrontation with his elder brother has nothing to do with family matters but that it is purely based on political ideologies the two hold.  

Meanwhile Cosmo Mumba has commended President Sata for creating a framework to assess and review the previous constitution review recommendations.

He said the technical committee has a mammoth task to draft an all inclusive document which will be the cornerstone of the democratic gains the country has made so far.

“Therefore, we support the establishment of a Technical Committee of Experts which will also incorporate and reflect economic objectives and strategies and priorities which should be in tandem with the National Development Plan (NDP).

“This was part of the bedrock of the PF campaign promise that within 90 days, of assuming office, credible changes would manifest. The PF offered this promise while the MMD promised to retable the rejected draft before parliament,” he said.

He said the PF government needed to be given chance to implement their manifesto as a guiding campus for government policy.

Mumba said the PF has inspired hope and confidence in the people in the few months it has been in power through the demonstration of its vision with practical policy options.

He said among promises that are bearing fruit within the 90 days promise include a reduction in fuel prices, increasing the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) threshold from K1 million to K2 million, and a drastic reduction in foreign trips from more than ten trips in former president Rupiah Banda’s first three months in office to only one for President Sata.

Cosmo Mumba also commended President Sata for constituting the various commissions of inquiries to unveil and rectify public service delivery constraints, challenges, inefficiencies as well as championing prudent and competent public financial management.

He said the President has instituted a transparent institutional and deterrent mechanism to prosecute individuals who plundered public resources through corruption, abuse of office and other vices in the previous regime.

He has since appealed to law enforcement agencies to continue probing individuals who are alleged to have acquired wealth in an unlawful manner.

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