‘PF officials stole from us’

Dear editor,
I want you to help our country recover our money from ANDRICH FREIGHT a company which is owned by big people in the PF circles.

Andrich Freight is owned by Andrew Lubusba the Eastern PF Chair. He also runs a bus company Andrich buses.

this company was engaged to transport maize from satelite depots in north western. province. Now look at the way they were swindling the government.
For example they would get maize from a satelite depot in Kabompo and take to Solwezi direct but they would be given documents
showing the same truck having delivered the maize at Mufumbwe and loaded another consignment from mufumbwe to Kasempa
and from Kasempa to Solwezi. when in the actual sense the maize was transported directly from Kabompo to solwezi.
By doing this one bag of maize will be transported at a higher cost of k40 or k50 instead of just k10
Immediately they finished doing this they were paid in full last year but most of us transporters are not paid up to now.
If you want to know more go to Kasempa, Solwezi, Mufumbwe and Kabompo and ask transporters there they will explain how this cattail
has stolen our money.
We don’t want them to come in our province this year if they will be brought here, they will regretted having come. Before we start the exercise this year,
FRA has to pay us in full


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