PF officials’ testimony to ZNBC on PF cadre’s death in L/stone

The following is the exact word for word transcript of what PF Minister Obvious Mwaliteta and PF official Morgan Musonda said last night on ZNBC television news.

Mwaliteta said “We never fought with anyone. The late Harrison Chanda was seated on the generator where the music was being played. The one who went to kill Harrison Chanda jumped on the truck and stabbed him and axed him and ran over and came down”.

Morgan Musonda an eye-witness said “This person actually jumped on tail-board of the truck and hit him from the closest range. That’s what actually transpired”.

It should be noted that the UPND camp where the alleged stabbing happened was just near the Livingstone General and Batoka Hospitals.

So far it is not being said where the body was found, though police sources said the body was collected from Libuyu area, some 15 kilometers in the opposite direction of the scene where the PF officials alleged that late Chanda was hacked from.

From Minister Mwaliteta and the PF official Musonda’s testimony, it is clear only one person allegedly hacked late Mr. Chanda.

And from the testimony, the assailant was seen jumping into the truck and stabbed the late.

The version from Mr. Mwaliteta and the PF eye-witness does not suggest a confrontation between cadres as being reported in the PF media because only one person was reportedly involved.

It is also not being said how many people were in the truck and what time was the murder reported by the PF officials.

The results of the postmortem have also not been released, yet there is a smear media campaign implicating and condemning UPND for the alleged murder, even before investigations are concluded.

So far several UPND officials, including Mazabuka MP Garry Nkombo have been charged for murder despite PF witnesses testifying that only one person was seen killing the late Chanda.

Police have so far not picked-up any PF official as one would expect them to help with investigations.

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