PF officials to meet Museveni in Mfuwe

PF secretary general Davies Chama has ordered all party provincial chairmen to drive to Mfuwe in Eastern province.

The provincial chairmen are expected to be in Mfuwe as one of Africa’s brutal dictator Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni lands at Mfuwe international airport tomorrow.
According to sources, Museveni is coming with hos advisors who will coach the PF chairmen on how to use violence so that defence chiefs can accept Lungu’s proposal for a state of emergency.

The source said some defense chiefs have refused Lungu’s proposal for a state of emergency saying it is costly as it requires are service men to be paid before the state of emergency can be declared.
“Their plan is that once Museveni tutors them on how to inflict violence on the masses, they will have a reason to convince adamant defence chiefs to accept to a state of emergency, ” the source added.

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