PF Oil corrupt deals bite as some filling stations run out of fuel countrywide

PF Oil corrupt deals bite as some filling stations run out of fuel countrywide

Sata as Opposition Leader maliciously dramatising Fuel Shortage

The impact of corrupt deals in the procurement of oil by the patriotic front government has started biting with most filling stations either completely running out of the commodity or rationing it to account holders only.

It is believed that the in-fighting within PF over who gets what part of the contract has caused unnecessary delays while the procurement process itself, for the first time in the history of government, is fraught with corruption with the evaluation committee comprising PF cadres instead of technocrats alone.

PS Secretary General, Wynter Kabimba last week announced that the PF will start bidding for business contracts from government as part of the party’s fundraising strategy.

The fuel crisis comes barely two months after President Sata donated five million litres of fuel to Malawi worth ZMK26 billion.

Above,  on 18th October 2009,  in his  usual malicious antics, attributed the current fuel crisis then to for president Rupiah Banda’s alleged corrupt activities. Sata, who staged managed the event with his then personal to holder reporter at The Post Newspapers, now his press and public relations officer,  George Chellah, went to Total filling station in Lusaka’s Northmead area with a 20 litres plastic container looking for fuel,  and accused Rupiah Banda of being fully responsible for the fuel shortage.

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