PF only giving CDF money to constutuencies they control or want to bribe MP

PF only giving CDF money to constutuencies they control or want to bribe MP

CDFCDF 001CDF 002CDF 003The Patriotic Front regime is only giving Constituency Development Funds (CDF) to constituencies held by PF or where they are targeting to ‘buy’ the opposition MP.

According to documentation obtained by the Zambian Watchdog, all PF MP’s in Northern and Muchinga Province have received their funding apart from Senga Hill represented by Kapembwa Simbao the MMD Acting National Secretary, Mbala represented by Mwalimu Simfukwe an MMD MP and Lubansenshi represented by Patrick Mucheleka an independent MP.

In Northwestern province which is held by opposition MMD and UPND, only Stephen Masumba’s Mufumbwe constituency and Ikelenge held by Elijah Muchima has been funded. Solwezi East has also been funded because the area MP UPND’s Villie lombanya is a new MP who just took oath early this month.

Masumba is a PF deputy minister of sports, Muchima though an MMD MP has collaborated with the PF before and served as deputy minister.

In Copperbelt the trend looks a bit balanced but in Central Province only constituencies held by PF MP’s have been financed. Serenje Central is held by Phillip Kosamu the Lusaka Province minister while Katuba though held by MMD’s Patrick Chikusu, Chikusu is serving in the current government as Deputy minister of health.

In Luapula, only Mwansa Mbulakulima’s Chembe constituency has been left out. Mbulakulima is the MMD’s National treasurer. In Southern Province only Sinazongwe and Pemba constituencies have been funded. Sinazongwe is held by Richwell Siamunene who is UPND but serving as Deputy Minister in the PF government. Pemba is held by Mutinta Mazoka. The PF has been trying to pursue Mrs. Mazoka to join them for a long time.

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