PF ordering civil servants to ‘contribute’ to party account

Dear Editor, may you kindly expose the evil acts of PF.

After subjecting us civil servants to a wage freeze for over 3 years and exposing us to high poverty levels unseen in the history of Zambia, the PF and their ancestor Gogo Inonge Wina are forcing us Civil servants in North Western Province to Contribute from our Little salaries a k100 each to the campaigns of Gogo Inonge wina Here in North western province. Im a Civil Servant and a resident of Manyinga in North Western Province. the PF and its demonic leadership want us to contribute this money dead or alive and if you refuse or you say you don’t have money, they have threatened to fire us or transfer us to the remotest places of North western where there is no road nor electricity nor Network. this is expected to happen in all the districts that the Veep is going to be visiting during her campaigns. now my question is, why are they robbing us as poor as we are?

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