PF orders Examination Council to manufacture grade 12 certificates for Siamunene, Mwila

PF orders Examination Council to manufacture grade 12 certificates for Siamunene, Mwila

Davis-Mwila-479x377A  top Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ) officials has revealed that examination authority  they have been ordered to produce grade twelve certificates for some named ministers or ‘bid farewell’ to the jobs.

The official who earnestly begged ZWD for anonymity said the ‘higher authorities’ floated some names and ordered them to ‘do anything’ to produce ‘authentic’ certificates for the named so that they would not be disqualified from contesting in the Tripartite elections.
“My brother our jobs are at risk, we have worked hard all our lives to be here but someone unscrupulous just wants to take our jobs away because of their selfishness and love for power…” he lamented.

He mentioned Richwell Siamunene the Defense Minister, and his counterpart Davies Mwila the Home affairs minister as being top on the list.
“Mr. Siamunene, Mr. Mwila, those two we’ve been told it’s either we obey the orders by any means or leave on our own before we are fired for gross incompetence… then we have Philip Kosamu, Lawrence Evans, Lawrence Sichalwe, Patricia Mulasikwanda & Obvious Mwaliteta… the hardest of all is Mwaliteta because the man doesn’t even have a grade 7 do you help such a one? It’s ridiculous my brother. Now see, a few people know that these people don’t have papers and if you the media keep quiet about it the story might change as we head towards elections. Right now nothing has been done and no one has been given fake certificates so publicize this as much as you can so that the whole world knows who has papers and who doesn’t have…” he said.

The official pleaded that the media or any interested stakeholders undertake an independent audit of the Council to prove that the above named did not have papers. He suggested this so that when such papers are produced citizens could question where they came from. He further said issuing certificates for a politician was not a feasible thing as there could be witnesses from the alleged schools against them.

Zambia goes to the polls on August 11th, 2016. The elections will be conducted under the amended constitution which bars anyone who did not attain a grade 12 certificate from contesting any position.

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