PF organ threatens another TV station

PF organ threatens another TV station


The Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA), as a regulator of broadcasting stations, followed with keen interest a Muvi Television programme featuring Poor People’s Party President, Mr. Alex Muliokela.
The IBA has observed that such programming comes as a result of broadcasting stations’ attempt to fill up space on their platforms, resulting in them setting aside professional ethics and moral obligations to society.
While the Authority understands that each station has its own editorial independence, it will not take kindly to radio and television stations that throw caution to the wind and fail to exercise good moral judgement.
The Authority wishes to direct Muvi TV and all broadcasting stations to take ethical considerations seriously, regardless of whether a programme is paid for or not.
IBA wishes to caution stations against broadcasting material, which may cause humiliation, distress and violate human dignity in accordance with Section 33 of the IBA Act of 2002, which provides the minimum professional standards for the journalism profession.
The Authority will not hesitate to invoke Section 29 of the IBA (Amendment) Act of 2010 which gives the Board the power to suspend, revoke or cancel any broadcasting licence issued under the Act.
In view of the forthcoming Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Government elections, the IBA would like to sound an early warning to all broadcasters to exercise professionalism in order to avoid contravening the law and face consequences.

Josephine Mapoma


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