PF Panic: Now Kambwili threatens to close Radio Mano in Kasama

PF Panic: Now Kambwili threatens to close Radio Mano in Kasama

PF illegal information minister Chishimba Kambwili’s blood pressure on Monday shoot up after listeners to Radio Mano community station in Kasama blasted him for engaging in tribal politics.

But Kambwili in his usual frustration stormed the radio station and threatened to close it, just like his PF Government has done to the Post Newspapers, for being anti-government.

According to radio Mano staff, Kambwili in the company of PF propagandist Emmanuel Mwamba rebuked employees at the station for allowing callers to phone-in to program dubbed ‘Hot Issues’ and freely attack him over his tribal remarks against the people of southern province.

During a campaign rally on Sunday in Kasama, Kambwili launched unabated hate speech against southerners and swore that they will never produce a republican president.

He warned Radio Mano FM to stop airing anti government programs or he will shut it down.

After intimidating the media staff, Kambwili featured  on a live interview on the same radio station he wants closed and conducted tribal politics.

Earlier in the year, unruly PF cadres demanded for the closure of radio mano and threatened to set it ablaze on allegations that it was not covering the PF favorably.

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