PF Panics after riots, announces that some markets will reopen tomorrow

After being alarmed by today’s riots in Kanyama and parts of the Lusaka Central Business District (CBD) , the PF disorganised government has announced that they will start reopening some markets tomorrow that they closed more than a week ago.
Local Government Minister Vincent Mwale claimed that there was a criterion that markets have to meet and some markets that have met the requirements will start reopening tomorrow.
‘Tomorrow we will announce some markets that have met the requirements put up by the multi- sectorial team,’ Mwale claimed.
Markets were closed without alternative places for traders to sell while consumers are equally ‘squeezed’ as they have nowhere to buy food supplies from. It is doubtful that the government could have resolved to open markets without today’s riots.


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    Dear Zambia 2 days

    What you do physically is a result of a preceding mental process. The condition of Zambia (the politics, the economy, the education, the criminality, everything) is a reflection of the preceding quality of thinking of our leadership. In my opinion, absolutely wretched!

    Smile and say cheers if that’s the quality of thinking you prefer. We’re there. Thoroughly damaged.

    As for me, I demand the urgent and immediate removal of the current leadership, all and sundry. There thinking is indescribably bad.

    Lungu and his entire gang of bandits must go and go right now.

    Can we please chase these criminals out of office

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    KILO 1 week

    The president is genuine.KZ has failed him.He wants to retire but people who are chewing are the criminals urging him on.He never even wanted to be president in the first place!!!!!

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    Tasila 1 week

    Lungu has failed he has no managerial skills, how did Zambia end up with such a dog , it just poo’s anywhere. He is just after enriching himself. Look at what his happening how does he tell Esther to go and enroll at the university what qualifications does she have now which she did present at her teenage years. Which primary/secondary school did she attend. Zambians wake up donot be cheated . The hour has come

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      Amagenge 7 days

      @Tasila, unfortunately God will always bless ‘dogs’to rule over you. Unless you are christian – you will never understand why ‘dogs’rule over you. The human being you are waiting for will never come because there are too many ‘dogs’in Zambia. Your kind ‘non dogs’are few. Viva ‘dog’world. Let the ‘dogs’rule forever!

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    abilima 1 week

    The picture of the President being shown is when he broke down during the funeral of late President Michael Sata. Is this supposed to be a mockery of the late President or what?

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    Bowise 1 week

    Them belly full but we hungry
    A hungry mob is an angry mob
    A rain a-fall but the dirt, it tough
    A pot a-cook but the food no ‘nough…
    Sir Bob Marley