PF panics in Chawama

PF panics in Chawama


PF bribing Chawama residents with all sorts of things this morning. Queues formed as early as 03 in the morning. Materials brought from State House last Thursday after PF cadres threatened to vote for HH.
Meanwhile HH says:
With more than 280,000 new entrants to the labour market each year priority number one on 11th August has to be electing a president who will create good quality jobs and protect existing jobs. This means fixing the broken economy.

Jobs are created when local businesses and the economy grows. That is why as UPND we will support business to become more competitive so they can expand. Given our regional position with a market across SADC, EAC and COMESA the opportunities are huge, particularly in value-addition industries.

As 41.4% of Zambians are self-employed we will also make it easier for these people to do business by reducing the time it takes to get the permits and licenses they need to operate, as well as working hard to deliver affordable and reliable energy sources.

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