PF parallel intelligence officers to be placed in government departments

The parallel and illegal intelligence system created by ailing dictator Michael Sata and controlled by convicted former intelligence chief Xavier Chungu will be positioned in government departments.

Reliable sources have told the Watchdog that due to high cost of maintaining the intelligence, the parallel OP (office of the President) will be employed and put in different government ministries, but chief government spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni said the move is aimed at protecting government documents and refutes any involvement of KGB style of governance.

“Running the intelligence world over is a costly exercise but PF don’t have all that money and so this parallel structure will be fused into government departments and be entitled to civil service conditions of service,” said a well placed source.

“For the sake of documents, its a question of how can you secure documents which are supposed to be secured, you must know documents which are of importance, let us say cabinet documents….This does not mean we will introduce OP or police in all ministries, these are just safeguard measures ,it has nothing to do with former Soviet KGB style,” Sakeni told the PF aligned Post newspaper.

The move is aimed at protecting the misdeeds of Sata’s government which have been leaking with ease to the media and the general public but will draw more money from the already overdrawn treasury.

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