PF parliamentarian appeals for relief food, as hunger breaks out in Kapiri Mposhi

Contrary to President Edgar Lungu’s argument that there would be no food shortages in the country, several people of Changombe ward in Kapiri Mposhi Constituency may starve to death if government doesn’t send relief food, area PF MP Eddie Musonda has disclosed.

Musonda disclosed that the starvation has been partly caused by the poor agriculture policy which has seen the small scale farmers being paid late and therefore could not acquire agricultural inputs. He also said that the delay in delivery of input under Farmer input Support Program (FISP) in the 2013/ 2014 season has contributed to the deteriorated situation.

The MP has since requested the over 2,000 affected households to submit their names to the district commissioner’s office in order for them to get relief food.

Earlier this year, Vice President Inonge Wina opposed government’s decision to export maize to Zimbabwe for fear of an anticipated food shortage in the country but Lungu opposed his deputy and argued that there would be no food shortages in the country.

Consequently, the President gave a go ahead to agriculture minister given Lubinda to export maize to Zimbabwe, in a move that was seen as an appreciation for President Robert Mugabe’s support for Lungu during the 2015 election which he won.

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