PF Parliamentarian candidate dupes voters

PF Parliamentarian candidate dupes voters


PF Nkana Constituency Parliamentary Aspirant and former Kitwe DC Binwell Mpundu has captured pictures of a different school and desks purporting the same to be Bwafwano and True Vine community schools respectively, claiming that the displayed desks are the ones he donated when in fact not.

A search on the ground revealed that the said Bwafwano Community school and it’s counterpart school True Vine both located in Kamakonde compound look nothing like the pictures Mpundu has displayed on his Facebook page.

“You see, he put up an SOS for cash donations to buy desks to donate to the said schools but both the corporate world and individual philanthropist (donors) ignored his call, they feel he is not an incumbent but simply an aspirant who also had issues with accounting for donated funds at the time he served as Kitwe DC.

Tasila Lungu came to Kitwe and graced a fundraiser where more than K300,000 was raised but remains unaccounted for by Mpundu. He was given the money to keep but kept saying he was busy with the President on phone whenever the owners went to collect from his office,” our source said.

Most people have expressed disappointment at the levels of desperation espoused by Mpundu’s post which boarder on serious deception meant to hoodwink potential donors.

One Councillor within Nkana Constituency said Mpundu should show his worthy by spending his money for any project he wants to undertake and not always asking people to put money in his ideas that never materialize but funds go missing.

This was exposed from a WhatsApp group called Kitwe Resident Forum.

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