PF passes vote of no confidence in its Kabwe MPs

The central province PF executive committee has threatened the two Kabwe PF Members oif parliament Sydney Mushanga (Bwacha) and James Kapyanga (Kabwe central) with a vote of no confidence for shoddy party performance in their constituencies but the MPs have vowed to fight tooth and nail.

During a closed door meeting at the Boma conference hall in Kabwe the provincial executive led by Benson Chali observed that the legislators where not close to the people in their constituencies and where not available for party programmes, leaving most of the party matters to be addressed by district commissioner Patrick Chishala.

However the decision to ‘discipline’ the two MPs has been put on hold after the party headquarters in Lusaka advised against the move as it will have negative effects on the forthcoming Feira and other countrywide bye elections.

But sources close to the legislators’ offices have accused provincial minister Philip Kosamu and DC Chishala of being behind the confusion in the party in Kabwe. They have accused Chishala of harbouring political ambitions to unseat one of the parliamentarians and have demanded that he resigns his position and declares interest in the soon to be induced bye election.

“We know the scheme by honourable Kosamu and Chishala, the two MPs have been left out of any cabinet or deputy ministerial positions which have been given to defecting opposition MPs but the party expects them to feed cadres from their meagre parliament salaries and allowances, it is unfair coz we know Kosamu wants to replace one of the MPs with Chishala, ” said the source.

The party has been facing some operational challenges in Kabwe with cadres accusing the MPs of distancing themselves from the electorate.
A reliable source from the provincial executive has told the Zambian Watchdog that the provincial leadership was just following up the resolutions of the PF youths who met at Pavillion entertainment centre last weekend.
During this year’s women’s day PF women protested participating in the event but were cheated that they would be given Kr100 each, a promise which was not fulfilled as only Kr500 was released for the over 100 people posing as PF women.

PF youths also planned to boycot the youth day celebrations accusing the MPs of pocketing the Kr5,000 and Chitenge bails given by the party to each constituency for the events and after the watchdog exposure, Kosamu mobilised some Chitenge material from his constituency portion and some money from named Kabwe businessmen of Asian origin and gave it to the youths for them to participate.

Efforts to get comments from the two MPs themselves failed as their phones were unreachable.

Editor’s note: Chishala, a former primary school teacher is related to first lady Christine Kaseba and was instrumental in the protest by civil servants who hounded out provincial PS and long time mistress to Sata Inutu Suba last year for what some people have called ‘protecting his aunty Christine’s interests.’ He is more confortable working with new PS Annie Sinyangwe, also a relative of Sata.

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