PF pawning Christians and vulnerable on Bill 10

PF pawning Christians and vulnerable on Bill 10


By: Anthony Bwalya – UPND Member

Let us be honest and very clear about this: It is everything foolish and selfish for the Patriotic Front (PF) to try and prey on the vulnerabilities of some of the most impoverished and marginalized members of our society in order to gain leverage on their dirty Bill 10.

The public would wish to know, that the reason Bill 10 is currently on hold is because of some gross illegalities and acts of immorality and injustice they are attempting to sanitize via Bill 10, by laundering the parliamentary platform.

Does Zambia have a problem of marginalization for some of our most vulnerable sections of our population – being women, the youth and the differently abled? Yes.

Does this gross marginalization rest in constitutional inadequacies? Absolutely not.

So, why would the PF want to leverage the long-standing, historical representation challenges of marginalized groups to overturn the character of our constitution via Bill 10?

Well, because this not about the youth, women or our differently abled friends. This is about the dirty tricks of the PF, except they need an alabi all of us can fall for – the youth, women and of course, the differently abled and of course RELIGION.

And these are the same people who want to launder the Christian religion to achieve their satanic agenda. This is how they have attempted to “codify” religion as an integral part of Bill 10, because it is the perfect opium.

Do Zambians really need the Constitution to say “we are christians” before we can learn how to conduct ourselves like Christ? Is this what we need before we can learn to be a brother’s keeper? Where, within the bounderies of the christian religion does corruption fall, and will a clause in the Constitution stop government officials in the PF from stealing from poor people?

As Christians and children of God, the only identity document we need is the Bible. Anything else is idolatry and only aimed at laundering the name of God for selfish political agendas.

How many shopping malls have the PF built, or clinics or hospitals? And how many of these have DISABLED access points? When the PF government were withdrawing meal allowances from students, did they care that some of those students or there guardians were disabled? When they were stealing and plundering social cash transfer funds, did they care that some of the beneficiaries were disabled?

How many times have the PF laundered the youth as tools of political violence?

Exactly how will changing the Constitution via Bill 10 resolve all these ills?

Listen here, imwe bamushanina bwali, bamukonka mupuulo; do not go savaging the Constitution by leveraging religion and people you have systematically impoverished, so that you can achieve your dirty deeds in Bill 10.

Bill 10 is NOT for the people of Zambia.

Bill 10 is for the PF, by the PF. Let it remain at the PF Secretariat where it is needed.

Zambians want solutions to the 15hrs of loadshedding, K200 Mealie Meal, expensive fuel and electricity, hunger and poverty, shambolic public healthcare and education, joblessness, corona virus etc.

Bill 10 is not our priority.

You are even setting up Press Conferences at Hotels to discuss issues inconsequential to the people of Zambia…

Cry cry babies.

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