PF paying voters on their way to vote

President Edgar Lungu yesterday launched the so called ‘Operation Noah Ark’ where the government Treasury released more than K20 million which will be used to buy people on their way to vote and on queues in the perceived PF strongholds.

‘Operation Noah’s Ark’ is a desperate attempt to save the PF boat being run by State House Special Assistant for Corruption Kaizer Zulu and Press Aid Amos Chanda.

The arrangement is that each of the voters will be paid a total of K2000, with K1000 being given on the way to the polling stations while the other K1000 will be paid once they have proved that they have voted.

Voters will also be transported in many areas such as Eastern, Muchinga, Northern, Luapula, parts of Western and Southern Provinces and be paid the K1000 while being transported in the PF vehicles from Zesco, Zamtel, and other quasi government institutions and Chinese Construction vehicles.

But insiders revealed that what voters will not be told is that after casting their votes, the PF officials on the ground will not give them the remaining K1000 as they will promise them that the money is on the way.

Sources revealed that Lungu was told that the opposition UPND has put up very strong vote protection measures and they are very alert on all manavours so the only way is to physically buy off the people with K2000 each.

But some of the people involved in the operation are praising their gods saying finally they are rich and will only be giving voters k300 or k400 then pocket the rest since there are no receipts.

We advise voters to demand K2000 as that is what the PF has released.

Should the money runout, ZAF choppers are on standby to take some more money in the targeted areas.

Voters are being advised that they should get this money and transport as it is a free gift from their former government of PF but must know that no one will know how they have voted. Remember don’t kubeba.

They must also know that the K2000 will vanish overnight but their problems will come back immediately if they do not look to the future.

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