PF picks Mpande for Mkushi, ditches defector Mutale

In a typical ‘donchi kubeba’ fashion, the PF has adopted their member Ingrid Mpande for the forthcoming Mkushi by-election, leaving out Knorrasco Mutale who defected from the MMD and applied to recontest on PF ticket.

Sources close to statehouse, where the central committee meeting took place today to select the candidate have told the Watchdog that the PF have now resolved not to award any defectors due to demand for positions within the party membership.

“The central committee, in the past received a petition from some MPs who felt overlooked by the President’s decision to expand cabinet with ‘foreign MPs’ but leaving out the indigenous ones who brought the party into power, and to that effect, a resolution was arrived at not to give any more ministerial positions to the opposition, and you know there are also some many people who helped the PF and expected some rewards but have been silent for a long time…. so they feel it is now their time,” said the source.

Asked on what rewards await Mutale for causing the costly by-election, the source said Mutale was not a factor in the party programmes and he has been done away with but maybe he may be considered for the position of District Commisssioner for the newly created Ngabwe district.

The Mkushi seat fell vacant after Mutale, who won the seat on MMD ticket in 2011 defected to the ruling PF after he was promised that he would be readopted.
Ingrid Mpande, the losing PF candidate petitioned the seat, which was nullified by the High court and Musonda initially appealed to the Supreme court but along the way defected to the PF.

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