PF plan to arrest opposition, security complain of too many factional commands

PF plan to arrest opposition, security complain of too many factional commands

The PF government has allegedly devised another scheme to arrest opposition UPND leaders including party president Hakainde Hichilema.

And security sources say they are confused and getting too many instructions and commands from various PF factions because of the none functioning president Michael Sata.

Highly placed intelligence sources say other UPND leaders, among them vice-president Richard Kapita, party spokesperson Charles Kakoma who is also the UPND candidate for Zambezi West, presidential advisors William Banda and Douglas Siakalima are among the main targets.

HH at the 2014  Builile ceremony in Luapula

HH at the 2014 Builile ceremony in Luapula

In the scheme of things, PF are also planning to close the information flow by targeting and arresting journalists they believe write for online media for what they term as creating a bad image of the country and making PF unpopular.

A meeting held at a named place Tuesday evening attended by senior PF and government officials, the PF have also resolved that UPND president Hakainde Hichilema must be blocked from entering Mangango by-elections campaign areas because their president Michael Sata will not make it.

Police and security officials who have been given the assignment are at pains to find charges against the opposition leaders.

To cover-up the scheme, PF may also arrest but later release some MMD leaders on trumped-up charges but the main targets are the UPND leaders because of the growing influence of the party on ground, said some highly placed PF officials.

Kakoma is also particularly targeted so that he can miss Zambezi West by-elections nominations scheduled for next week so that the UPND can have difficulties finding a replacement and give an advantage to PF.

Already last week were still struggling in the courts of law with all sorts of injunctions to block Kakoma from re-contesting the Zambezi West seat, but the PF court process was thrown-out.

On Tuesday evening, PF attempted to search the home of UPND president Hichilema but alert supports besieged his home in an operation that lasted until the following day.

The police search warranty at Hichilema’s residence for seditious materials was signed after working hours by a named magistrate who resides in Emasdale area.

On the targeted journalists, PF are also complaining that most of their operations are being pre-emptied resulting in them abandoning the evil schemes against other people.

Meanwhile, security sources also says what was also worrying is the incoherent and uncoordinated nature of the commands because of the apparent luck of a president who thinks and acts properly.

“These people have taken advantage of an impotent president who is incapable of issuing any coordinated. Yes the military and security wings are in control since the president can no longer be relied upon to issue commands. But we still have to consult the elected government so as to cover ourselves in case of anything. But we are receiving too many instructions from the various PF factions and parallel structures that all want the presidency”, said some intelligence officials.

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