PF planned to attack HH at Church during Easter

PF planned to attack HH at Church during Easter

Reports reaching the Zambian Watchdog indicate that named PF ministers and members of the central committee had planned to attack the entourage of opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema during Easter celebrations at St. Ignatius Catholic Church in Lusaka but information leaked and the UPND security aborted the trip to avoid a nasty fight at church premises.

A PF insider says the plan was meant to provoke HH and was sure that following the recent Copperbelt attacks UPND suffered, they were to retaliate and a full blown battle was to be generated. At the end government had planned to put the blame on HH and possibly frame up charges on him.

“The whole scheme was styled in such a way that PF would provoke UPND and obviously they (UPND) are now prepared for a fight going by their statement that they would defend themselves, if they retaliated and injured the PF cadres then a blame was going to be heaped on UPND and of course police could have quickly swung into action, arrest UPND and frame the party as being violent,” narrated the source.

And Hichilema said he informed St. Ignatius parish priest Fr. Charles Chilinda about his inability to attend the Easter celebrations to avoid fights right at the house of God. He explained that as a Christian he would so much have loved to be with fellow believers in the house of God.

“I must have been at St. Ignatius but because of the situation, I decided not to attend the Easter celebrations. I am a Christian and would not have wanted to have a full blown fight between UPND and other violent party cadres because we are not violent. We know that we are victims of this violence but there is a scheme by the sponsors and their tabloids to label us as factors of violence, I explained to Fr. Chilinda if you want you can verify with him,” said Hichilema.

Last year, PF cadres armed with machetes and other weapons stormed BIGOCA church in Matero and beat up worshippers who had decided to stage a peaceful protest against government’s removal of subsidies. Later PF Matero MP Miles Sampa apologized to the church and made a financial ‘dontation’.

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